Discover Your Musical Journey: Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, and Production Lessons with a BFA-Certified Expert

Embark on a musical adventure with Density Studios, where we offer tailored music and production lessons led by a dedicated BFA-certified instructor with a specialization in finger-style guitar. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn guitar, bass, or ukulele, or an aspiring producer eager to master ProTools, Logic, or MPC, our comprehensive lessons cater to all levels and interests.

Our lead instructor holds a BFA in Music Performance from UW-Milwaukee and specializes in finger-style guitar, bringing years of professional experience and a passion for teaching to every lesson. With a commitment to personalized instruction, our lessons are designed to nurture your musical talents and inspire creativity.

Instrument Lessons: Explore the art of guitar, bass, or ukulele with lessons customized to your skill level and musical preferences. Choose from flexible options:

    • 30-Minute Lessons: Ideal for beginners or those with busy schedules, priced at $25 per session.
    • 45-Minute Lessons: Dive deeper into your instrument with focused instruction, available for $35 per session.
    • 60-Minute Lessons: Comprehensive sessions for advanced players or rapid skill development, priced at $45 per session.

Production Lessons: Delve into music production with hour-long lessons in ProTools, Logic Pro, or MPC. Led by our expert instructor, each session is tailored to enhance your production skills and creativity, priced competitively at $50 per lesson.

Why Choose Us?

    • Expert Guidance: Benefit from personalized instruction by a BFA-certified instructor with specialized expertise in finger-style guitar.
    • Flexible Scheduling: Weekly lessons fit seamlessly into your routine, ensuring consistent progress.
    • Affordable Rates: Transparent pricing options make learning accessible and convenient.
    • Customized Learning: Tailored lessons cater to your unique goals and learning pace, maximizing your musical growth.

Whether you’re pursuing a professional career in music or exploring a new hobby, Density Studios is dedicated to helping you achieve your musical aspirations. Contact us today to schedule your first lesson and embark on a fulfilling musical journey.

Density Studios is a professional recording studio located in the heart of Walker’s Point in Milwaukee WI.  We specialize in recording, mixing, and mastering audio for music, video, and film.

If you have a dream of creating musical art, we can help make that happen.